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This thread has gone off the oridincal issue of the recurring update error, Logitech USB Input Device - Error 0x The long chat about this will hopefully draw the attention of someone at MS who will communicate with Logitech if necessary to get this resolved in a future update. Hi JG, For other troubleshooting steps that you can try, please check this article about fixing Windows update common error codes and check if it will work. User Microsoft Agent. How to stop this error. User Moderator.

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USB Input Device (Logitech Download Assistant) drivers were collected from official websites of manufacturers and other trusted sources. Official driver packages will help you to restore your USB Input Device (Logitech Download Assistant) (input devices). 23/02/ · I have used the troubleshooting tool multiple times. I have uninstalled everything Logitech. I so use a Logitech mouse and keyboard both wireless. They work without Logitech drivers. No change. It continues trying to install some Logitech update for USB Input Device. All the Mouse, Keyboard and USB Input Device drivers are Microsoft. USB Input Device (Logitech Download Assistant): Supported Models of Laptops. We have compiled a list of popular laptops models applicable for the installation of ‘USB Input Device (Logitech Download Assistant)’. By clicking at the targeted laptop model, you’ll be able to look through a comprehensive list of compatible devices. #.

Logitech usb input device

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