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Read reviews Review Rankings. Far Cry New Dawn ranks out of Watch Dogs 2 was released in Electronic Arts PS4 games. Do you like this video?

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Compare Far Cry New Dawn vs Watch Dogs 2 on the basis of price, memory, process, graphics, RAM, Weight, USB, Audio, Video and Digital Output. Far Cry New Dawn or Watch Dogs 2 - Comparing ? Reviews & Differences | Compare Real Customer Reviews, Prices, Images, Specifications and more. Obviously the cult isn't called New Dawn, but there are striking similarities between the two and with New Dawn taking place in and 5 taking place in (if I'm correct on the time difference being 18 years) that would mean that Watch Dogs 2 has time to take place (as it is set in ) before the events of of 5 kick off fully, and would also fit with the plot of Watch Dogs .

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